sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2018


Great power and forgotten mastery hides in the unspoken art of interpreting the forbidden language of silence. ☥

~Luis Marques

Silence. Nothing. Just nothing.

I have been wondering why it is so hard to be quiet, and empty. We are always trying to fill the silence with something. It seems that being empty brings a sense that something is wrong. 
Even during a spiritual Journey, there is a tendency of going after information, books, practices, and maybe we forget the value of nothingness.

During some insights, I wondered about the importance of disappearing. We die. We must die. But who needs to cease from existing? Everything that is not us. Everything we identify with is simply not us. A good start is our name. We are not a name, a tag, a body, our Jobs, and families.

We understand that while here, incarnated we are part f these things, but our Real Us is not.
We are blind and deaf for what we really are. Our True Self.
It cannot manifest simply because we are too busy giving attention to our senses and getting so attached to what happens to us in different plans of manifestation, that we just fall. And we become this matter. The false illusion that we are real.

It is like trying to see something through a dirty window. Unless we clear the window, unless we destroy the window, we won’t be able to see the real landscape.

But it is hard, really hard to silence everything and feel the real emptiness.
We first need to know ourselves, completely. All our sides. We cannot defeat an enemy we know nothing about.

We cannot burn everything if we do not even know what to burn, or if we try to hide what needs to go.

It is a long Journey, it is a hard one, but, those who understand that in order to Be we need to not Be, will see some value in these words.

While we are, we will not be.
We will only Be when we realize we have to be Not.


Em Hotep ☥

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